Star Wars and Design

Use Infographics to Tell Your Story Online

You can’t beat infographics as a visual communication medium. We can glance quickly at the information highlighted for us in an infographic and easily get the point!

Use Infographics as part of your social media strategy to quickly inform customers about topics pertaining to your industry, products or services.

Your readers will appreciate you breaking down complex information or reporting facts with the abbreviated and easy to consume Infographic.

Create a Timeline

Use an infographic to show a timeline of your business or to let people know about meaningful events that occurred during the history of your industry.

Share infographics on a blog, website or at your social media accounts. Their size makes them terrific for “Pinning” at Pinterest. You can also make a printable version and give it away on your website as an inspirational poster.

Share Your Favorite Things in an Infographic

You might be surprised how interested people are! Below I have shared one of my favorites – I think you will agree it is a lot of fun!

Seven Design Essentials that Star Wars Used – Infographic from Venngage:


[Infographic] Design with the Force - 7 Star Wars Design PrinciplesInfographic by Venngage.