When it Comes to Social Platforms- Be Selective


You Don’t Have to Be Everywhere

Remember that using Social Media as a business is about connecting with your audience. Focus on reaching your customers. Not every social platform appeals to every social group or age. So be where your customers are most likely to be hanging out online.

Determine your target audience or customers and then choose your social media platforms based on who you are appealing to.

Focus on Meeting Your Customer Where They Are

The best use of your marketing dollars is to target those resources where they are going to be the most valuable.

Spreading yourself too thin all over the internet can do more harm than good. Keeping your attention on just a few social platforms, enables you to become skillful at updating and optimizing those platforms to keep the conversation going with your chosen community.

Providing good quality content on a regular basis and then utilizing the “word of mouth” aspect of the internet to spread the word about your products and services is a better way to do business.

Your new focus not only benefits you, but your customers.

People are looking for interesting and genuinely informative content. Choose the best way to present your expertise and then regularly update those resources and people will know where they can go when they have a question or a need.

There is a great article about the importance of “Content” in social media over at commsAxis.

I loved the article, but especially this Quote :


The truth is that social media no longer works without content, (and I would question if it ever did work without it!) not effectively anyway.  Without content your social media could easily become a case of just selling you and your brand… Social media is fundamentally about building relationships, trust and loyalty.  And this is where content comes to life.  It’s the easiest way to tell your story, and social media is the perfect platform to get your story and message across.


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According to Kapost, ” Per dollar, content marketing produces three times more leads than traditional marketing.”

Provide Real Value

Consumers are looking for real information, not just advertising.  Share your expertise online and they will seek out your products or services and tell their friends!